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Dive Against Debris 2012
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Mangrove Planting 2012

Mangroves are normally known as swamps by many. Despite the name which does not carry a dense importance, mangrove, in fact, has many benefits to the whole ecosystem. Believe it or not, the cruel disaster tsunami which hit us back in Year 2004 could have had fewer casualties if there were more mangroves around. This is supported by the fact that mangrove halts the speed of the soil erosion process, and by having tangled root systems, mangroves can actually filter more contaminants from going into the sea. The tight gripping from the complex root systems to the ground offers stability and provides ground and home for many species including the invertebrates.  With the sufficient amount of invertebrates like insects around the mangrove area, the attraction of fish as well as birds is enhanced, bringing more of these animals there.

Lacking of mangroves can bring the adverse impact to the biodiversity. Most of the time, besides climate change which are out of our control, human is the party which destroys mangroves. Human activities like salt extraction, agriculture, aquaculture, as well as forestry bring not only intervention but total disruption and destruction to the mangrove growth which acts as the source of food for many marine living things.
In consequence of that, an ecotourism activity namely Mangrove Planting 2012 was held at Sungai Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi. Pulau Langkawi, as public knows it, is a famous group island where number of tourist rises up every during peak season. This island group comprises of 104 other islands. Sungai Kilim Geoforest Park features very beautiful natural views and experience for any nature lover who gets a chance to step a foot there. There were more than forty species birds itself discovered at the area.

Four (4) teachers and forty six (46) students from Dalat International School joined in the activity to play their role in this organized activity on 27th April 2012. This program is in fact a continuation of the previous years’. It is indeed vital that activities of planting mangroves along the shores, especially, being carried out every year for constant awareness and constant growth of mangrove. Students’ involvement in activities like these which protect the environment and reserving it for a better generation can educate them on the importance of ecosystem conservation. This is not only going to enrich their knowledge about the environment per se, but the significance in guarding the environment we are now living in. Indirectly, more environmentally responsible students are born through the activities. 

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