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Beach Clean-up 2013
Mangrove Planting 2012
Dive Against Debris 2012

Marine pollution is the ultimate appalling phenomena to all, directly and indirectly. It is simply put as having foreign particles or harmful substances making their way and jeopardizing the marine life which comprises of the ocean and its living community. When we mention marine, we think sea, we think fish, we think coral, and we think of the beautiful blue where it is normally recognized as a paradise for divers, shark-feeders, and any marine-activist. However, we rarely think of the relations of these creations to our natural resources for our daily usage in daily life. How breathtakingly stunning life in the ocean can be is easily made known to all through the media, but only the divers know the truth. The reported dying corals, the cloudiness of the water, the visibility of the distant view in the ocean –these are undoubtedly signs of marine pollution. The sources of the pollution can be from individual stage to a whole organizational stage, which implies that even small personal contribution to irresponsibility like throwing food wrapper from the boat or from strolling along the beach, what more a ship that sails by spilling tons of oil. Years down the road, the outcome would be the toxicity of water itself increases, leaving only diseases at an easily acquiring stage.

Conserving the environment is indeed an important responsibility which is not only limited to staff members of any of the registered organization or the national conservative group, but also to the public. This ecotourism awareness holds very important role in ensuring that the fragile nature is conserved for the coming generation and enforces public environmental responsibility.

Thirteen (13) worthy divers participated in the Dive against Debris 2012 Program which was first introduced and organized by Project AWARE in year 2011. This continued beneficial program which promotes ecotourism took place at Pulau Payar, an island which is situated south of Langkawi. This island has been popularly known for its colorful corals. In fact, according to a reliable source (Wikipedia), it is the most popular island among the few islands at the area. At the event dated 22nd September 2012, the divers indulged themselves with sustained favorable activities like cleaning up the underwater and data collection to meet the objective of protecting the marine environment. These divers of course, had in check the dive protocol when they dived in, with the self assurance that they did not pack up any living thing inside the garbage bag which they had carried with them underwater.
Plastic bags, cigarette butts, tin cans, fishing lines, bottle caps and even bottles were among the cleanup targets during that activity. Plastic bags being one of the top collections, is hazardous to the marine life. The number of sea turtles has been reportedly decreased due to the mournful fact that they die for mistakenly consuming plastic bags as jelly fish.

In jive with the Dive against Debris program in the previous year, the conceded data collection of their water cleanup which was to be documented could enhance the identification of contamination issues in the marine life, in the hope that the source of the problem can finally be looked into at a serious stage by the authority. In a wrap, the ecotourism authority hopes for urgent actions to be taken for the improvement of waste management practices.

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