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Penang Malaysia
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Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang–Home of the Founder of China

The Sun Yat Sen Museum, once referred to as the Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, is a remarkable museum that can be found in George Town, Penang, Malaysia, a region known to host some of the most amazing places to visit in Malaysia. The structure is dedicated to Sun Yat Sen, a Chinese Revolutionary who founded the Republic of China in 1912.

The Sun Yat Sen Museum – Historic facts

The Sun Yat Sen Museum is a historic building where the aforementioned Sun Yat Sen developed most of his plans to put an end to the Qing Dynasty. In the year 1910, the Chinese revolutionary managed to move the Tongmenghui party’s Southeast Asian headquarters to Penang thanks to the huge support he found among abroad Chinese for the overthrowing of the Qing Dynasty. Most tourists who ask themselves what to do in Malaysia end up visiting this place, because they eventually become aware of its historic importance.

When Sun Yat Sen brought his family to this area in 1910, the structure also hosted a reading club known as the Penang Philomatic Union. This club served a cover for the political party of Sun. What’s more, Sun also founded the oldest Chinese newspaper of the world in 1910, called Kwong Wah Yit Poh, and organized the famous Penang Conference during which he delivered his renowned speech to prepare the Huanghuagang Uprising. This was a critical milestone that eventually led to the Chinese Revolution of 1911. Even though the name of this activist may not seem familiar at first, you will soon realize that visiting this museum is one of the most interesting things to do in Malaysia.

The Sun Yat Sen Museum- an Architectural Gem

The structure was put up around 1880 as a residential townhouse and resembles the home of a Straits Settlements merchant. It is 40 meters long and has preserved many of its authentic characteristics- a beautiful timber staircase, huge beams covering lime plaster walls, a warm courtyard garden and geometric floor tiles. The interior showcases genuine Blackwood Straits Chinese furniture, as well as opulently carved wooden screens. The traditional Nyonya kitchen includes an antique firewood stove and several original kitchen utensils which create a unique atmosphere. Believe it or not, this is exactly why most Penang people advise tourists to visit this place every time they are asked about what to do in Penang.

From 1926, the building was owned by Ch’ng Teong Swee, a Hokkien merchant, until he passed away. The writer Khoo Su Nin, also referred to as Khoo Salma Nasution, is the granddaughter of the merchant and she is the custodian of the structure at the moment. In 2010- 2011, the roof and façade of the museum went through general restoration that was performed by highly qualified craftsmen from Quanzhou. Visiting this amazing tourist attraction should definitely be included on the list top things to do in Penang.

Book Corner

If you want to enhance your knowledge while exploring the interesting Sun Yat Sen Museum, take a look at the numerous books published by Areca Books, a famous publisher that specializes in social history, the environment, cultural heritage and visual arts.

A House in History

The Sun Yat Sen Museum is a nicely-preserved house museum that you should totally head for when visiting the astonishing George Town world heritage site. The historical building offers guests the possibility to enjoy a permanent exhibition on the revolutionary period of Sun Yat Sen, when he organized an uprising of the Chinese Revolution of 1911. All in all, this wonderful museum should be definitely be visited by all tourists who are wondering where to go in Malaysia to find out more about its history, culture and traditions.

Practical information

Located in George Town, on the Armenian Street, the Sun Yat- sen Museum is opened from 9am to 5pm. Admission fees are RM5, and there are special discounts being offered to kids and students.

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