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Penang Malaysia
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Wat Buppharam is a well-known Thai Buddhist temple on Perak Road, Penang. Its name means “flower temple”, which is one of the most widespread names given to temples within Thailand. The structure is also referred to as the “Temple of the Lifting Buddha”, especially by the locals of Penang. Among all the places to visit in Malaysia, this one is probably the best.

Wat Buppharam Temple - history

The temple was built in the year 1942 by Phothan Srikheaw, who was a Thai Buddhist monk that also served as the very first abbot of the wat. Initially, Wat Buppharam was a tiny temple, but in time it became a grandiose structure. All the expansion programs were possible thanks to the countless gifts and donations from believers. In 2000, the builders finished the gateway arch of the temple, which is considered to be one of the most impressive entrance arches featured by the Buddhist temples located in Penang. Visiting this unique location is definitely one of the most thrilling things to do in Malaysia. Despite the fact that the structure was built as a Theravada Buddhist temple, it features elements of various cultures such as Mahayana, Hinduism and Taoism.

What can you see?

The structure offers visitors the possibility to admire a praying area, the Garden of Buddha, Museum of Buddha, as well as the Hall of Buddha, Monk Quarters, Blessing shower sanctuary, Mae Kongka fountain, and the Blessing Hall. What’s more, the temple also includes a cafeteria where you can take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee. That being said, what to do in Malaysia should no longer be a mystery.

The main praying area is also known as the “viharn” and has a chedi connected to it. To the viharn’s left you can see an ubosot, which is flanked on both sides by undulating nagas. Close to the ubosot visitors will find the rice pagoda, a beautiful square-base structure that has the form of a mondop. These terms may look unusual at first, but all the people who visited this temple will tell you that admiring this location is one of the most pleasant things to do in Penang.

There are several imposing statues that you can admire when visiting the temple, including the ones of the Kuan Yin (Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara), the Taoist Earth Deity and the Ganesha. Besides, you will have the chance to see the spirit house that comprises the 4-faced Buddha (the Hindu deity Brahma), as well as the image of Phothan Srikheaw, the founder of the temple.

Furthermore, the structure also houses the well-known Lifting Buddha, which is a 100-year-old small Buddha Sacred Image that is supposed to help worshippers and visitors find answers and directions on different uncertain issues with which they are dealing. In case you’re wondering where to go in Malaysia, visiting Wat Buppharam should surely be on your to-do list.

General facts about Wat Buppharam

What to do in Penang should no longer be a tough question. The residents of Penang say that a lot of people come to Wat Buppharam for blessings, wishes and for the protective amulets that appear to be rarities, since only a few local Thai Buddhist temples continue to produce them.  The temple is very crowded during the Loy Krathong Festival because this is where the procession begins, with devotees carrying multicolored floral offerings referred to as “krathong”. They leave the temple and head for Jalan Perak, passing through Jalan Burma, Lorong Burma, Wat Chaiyamangkalaram and Dhammikaraman; their final stop is at Persiaran Gurney, where the floral offerings are thrown into the sea.

Practical information

Positioned in George Town, Penang, on Jalan Perak, Wat Buppharam is opened from 8am to 6pm, and it’s a symbol for Buddhists from all around Malaysia. The temple hosts a century-old mini-Buddha that attracts a large number of worshippers in search for directions and answers from the almighty god.

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