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Penang Malaysia
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Camera Museum Penang-Malaysia’s First Photography-Inspired Museums

The idea behind the Camera Museum started in 1998 with only a few vintage cameras. The museum is located in Penang, Malaysia, in a restored shop house with two stories. The founders of the place are a group of young, entrepreneurial Penangites who come from different creative backgrounds. It’s no wonder why this museum is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

The Museum

As soon as you enter the Camera Museum, you will see the reception hall that leads into the exhibition space. Generally speaking, everyone can exhibit in this museum, but only the most amazing photographs will be chosen by its strict judges. If you continue walking, you will soon see a spiral staircase that’s part of a mural consisting of several photographers. Right across this mural there’s a ticket booth where visitors can pay the fee required for the visitation of the second floor. In case you were wondering what to do in Penang, you can start by developing your artistic sense at the Camera Museum.

This is where visitors get the chance to experience the crazy world of photography. Younger visitors will find this exhibition rather intriguing, since most of the cameras exposed will seem funny to them. However, seeing the cameras that led to the beginnings of photography should definitely be included on your list of things to do in Penang.

The exhibits

The Camera Museum isn’t an ordinary museum, since its team is currently trying to entice new photographers into showing their work. Amy Corder, the leader of the team, has recently stated that the main goal of the museum is also that of including international photographers in a couple of years. The camera exhibition features around 300 cameras currently but more accessories are expected to be added soon, so even if you have already visited it once you will still have plenty of interesting things to do in Malaysia the next time you come to this wonderful country. Photography experts will get the chance to admire a couple of pinhole cameras that have become the main attractions of the museum, while regular visitors will surely be mesmerized by the place itself.

Museum activities to try out

The museum is a perfect tourist attraction for photography enthusiasts, since this is where they can find out plenty of details about the history of the camera. Stop asking yourself where to go in Malaysia because the Penang camera museum is the best choice you can make. Once you’ve finished taking the tour of the museum, you can have a great time in the Double exposure café, which is located within the museum. Most visitors who choose to hang out in this café opt for freshly brewed coffee or cold juices, while some taste traditional dishes such as nasilemak. If you are interested in trying new things, nothing should stop you from ordering soya bean milk.

Another advantage featured by the Camera Museum is its unique souvenir shop, where you can purchase all types of camera-inspired items such as rolls of films. In case you didn’t know, this museum is the first photography-inspired museum in Malaysia, and was even included in this country’s Book of Records.

Photography enthusiasts will have the time of their life visiting this tourist attraction, while children will be amazed by the impressive collection of vintage cameras that can be found upstairs. The best part is that every camera has its own story, which means that your general knowledge will improve significantly after a visit to the Camera Museum. Those who are wondering what to do in Malaysia will definitely enjoy the place not just for its variety of cameras, but also for its history and photographs exhibited.

Practical information

The entrance fee is RM20 for adults and RM10 for senior citizens and studios. However, the value of the entrance fee is a trifle compared to how interesting the 200 cameras exposed are. Most of them were created in the 20th century, so seeing their various designs and finding out more details about their capabilities will be quite intriguing.

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