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Penang Malaysia
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Escape Theme Park-Fun, Excitement and Adrenalin-Filled Rides

If you’re looking for amazing tourist attractions in Malaysia where you can just let yourself go and have a blast with the kids, then there’s no choice for you but to visit Penang’s ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park! As far as theme parks go, ESCAPE is quite unique in that it provides the perfect opportunity to have fun and enjoy the best of nature in the great outdoors! Sounds cool? It is!

Let’s take a look at the history and the many different attractions offered by one of the most interesting places in Malaysia!  

The History of ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park

Set in the heart of Teluk Bahang and founded by Sim Choo Kheng, the ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park was created on the land left vacant by the Teluk Bahang Dam project offices and staging areas. First open to the public on 7th November 2012, it is the vision of a man who refused to leave his childhood behind!  Considered to be one of the best places to visit in Penang, it is the conclusion of a dream where childhood lives forever. Sim Choo Kheng worked towards building a memory of childhood spent outdoors in Kampung in Penang as he remembered it, and founded Sim Leisure, an international company that would one day build a theme park where his roots were. Thus, the ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park came into being.

The Philosophy Behind the ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park

The philosophy behind ESCAPE is simple: it’s a chance to take your kids down memory lane into your own childhood; where everyone played outdoors, screens and TVs did not exist, where you could swing towards the sky, the days were long and play was forever! Sim Choo Kheng firmly believes in bringing back those traditional values and that old sparkle in children that is hardly seen anymore, with kids having such a sedentary lifestyle in front of the television all day. Thus was born the concept of the ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park!

Main Attractions at the ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park

A completely outdoors type of theme park, ESCAPE has a lot to offer the everyday tourist whose looking for things to do in Malaysia! From outdoor swings to zip-lining through the forest, this park has it all! Let’s take a look at some of the main attractions offered here!

Atan’s Leap!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to just leap off a platform and not have to worry about the impact? At ESCAPE, this is just what you can do: Leap like Atan off a high platform and have a soft featherbed landing! Amazing, right? So if you’re wondering what to do in Malaysia, this is it!

Monkey Business

One of the best attractions, Monkey Business is ideal for those who wish to learn how to climb and align their bodies into perfect balance! An enviable team-building exercise, Monkey Business comprises of three levels, all of which are designated to help you learn climbing and build your levels of concentration, all while enjoying the great outdoors!

The Penang Escape Theme Park Go Ape!

The Go Ape is ideal for all ages, and is designed to bring out the ape in everyone! Climb trees all the way to the top in your auto-belay harness, which provides the perfect safety accompaniment for climbing!
Other interesting attractions include the Gecko Tower, the Tubby Racer, the Zoob Bug, the Foxy Burrow, the Discovery Dig and the Tots Trail for your little ones!

Practical Information

The Penang ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme Park is open every day from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Entry is free for children under four years of age, RM45 for children between the ages of four and twelve and RM60 for anyone above the age of twelve. Seniors above sixty get a RM15 discount too! Tickets are also available on their website.

Wear sensible clothes and good shoes if you wish to have a good time, and arrive early so you can enjoy all the attractions!

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