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Langkawi Malaysia
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Perdana Gallery-the Aesthetic, Cultural and Artistic Side of Langkawi

Perdana Gallery is a wonderful museum exhibiting awards and gifts offered to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahatir and his beloved wife, Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali. Located 11km away from Kuah, the museum was opened in 1995 and is considered to be one of the most fascinating places to visit in Malaysia.


Perdana Gallery consists of three different sections. The first section is famous for its wood, glass and crystal exhibits, as well as for different Islamic paintings and artwork, plaques, and weaponry. The second section (also known as block B) contains the gifts received by the former Prime Minister’s wife, most of them being made of copper, bronze, pewter, and silver, while the third section is newer and contains a number of rare original paintings and jewelry items. And in case all this plethora of exhibits wasn’t enough, visitors will also get the chance to see a collection of bicycles and cars, including a wooden bicycle and a Formula-I car. Every exhibit is provided with tags and footnotes that feature a short description of the items, followed by the name of their donor, as well as the date and background of the donation. As you can see, one of the most fascinating things to do in Langkawi is to explore this marvelous museum.

All souvenirs and gifts exhibited at the Perdana Gallery were offered by statesmen, delegates and famous leaders from all over the world. Some of the pieces were given to the Prime Minister by close family members and friends. Tun thought that all the precious gifts he received while being the head of the country are public proprieties, thus they must be accessible to everyone. Therefore, he decided to create a large museum to display his astonishing collections. By doing this he tried to show his gratitude and appreciation to the very generous donors.

History & structure

If you don’t know where to go in Malaysia to satisfy your appetite for history, Perdana Gallery is an excellent option. It was created in 1995 and established in the Kilim Village, in the north-east of Langkawi. It is formed from three connected two-story buildings found in a large campus. The buildings are surrounded by luxuriant gardens and large recreational areas. In the local gardens visitors can stroll, relax and admire the local herbs, trees and shrubs.

The exhibits found inside the museum are very diverse and showcase aesthetic, cultural and artistic dimensions from all over the globe. The gallery features more than 9,000 exhibits, but only 2,000 are displayed at a time. This means that each time you visit Perdana Gallery you will be able to enjoy a new and glamorous collection. What to do in Malaysia to refresh your mind? Visit this museum because its exhibits will simply mesmerize you and transform your day into a unique experience.

As you enter the main building, you will see the reception counter from where you can purchase a ticket. After that you can enter the gallery and visit all the rooms. Inside the main gallery, the ceiling of the dome will surely impress you. It is decorated with intricate work and a precious chandelier lights the whole room. The other sections of the gallery are just as impressive, and you are invited to discover them on your own.

Main attractions

There are various fascinating things to do in Malaysia, and you should know that visiting Perdana Gallery is one of them. The high, hand-painted ceilings, the glamorous sections and the sparkling exhibits will make you fall in love with this place. For instance, most visitors adore the Wood Carving Room. This showcases superb Malay wooden architecture. The Reading Room is just as impressive and features a wide range of reference material. Besides, a couple of minutes spent in the outdoor Green House will make you forget about all your worries. This attraction is a temperature-controlled room which displays a large number of plants and flowers.

Practical information

In case you want to spend an unforgettable day and you keep asking yourself what to do in Langkawi, note that the vast area surrounding Perdana Gallery also offers lots of great opportunities for you to enjoy. You can walk around the campus on the paved trails and admire the greenery. There’s a wide parking space if you travel by car. You will also find several nice cafés, where you can stop for drinks and a quick snack. On the gallery’s propriety there’s a prayer room, as well as several fine restroom facilities. This amazing tourist attraction can be visited after having paid the entrance fee, which is RM 5 for adults and RM 2 for children aged between 6 and 12.

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