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Langkawi Malaysia
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Perdana Gallery-the Aesthetic, Cultural and Artistic Side of Langkawi
Air Hangat Village Langkawi-Entertainment at its Best

Air Hangat Village hosts one of the most popular hot springs and it’s also one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. It prides itself with an attractive saline hot spring fountain and an interesting hand-carved stone mural that illustrates all sorts of stories relating to this beautiful place.

The springs’ history

Legend says that the hot springs are the result of a fierce fight. Air Hangat, which means hot spring in English, is associated with a very old battle between Mat Raya and Mat Cincang. During their quarrel, a cauldron of very hot water was spilled, thus resulting in the appearance of several Hot Springs that today are known as Telaga Air Hangat.

Scientific explanations

Scientists have proven that the hot springs’ water is heated by several geothermal sources found deep inside the earth. It is one of the four saline hot springs on the globe and it’s attached to a wonderful 18-meters long wall. This wall contains a myriad of carved scenes from the legendary battle between Mat Cincang and Mat Raya. The legend of the springs is illustrated right in the middle of the mural wall and it describes Langkawi’s rich history and the formation of Kuah town. As you can imagine, one of the most interesting things to do in Langkawi is to explore Air Hangat because this phenomenon will definitely amaze you.

Health-giving springs

Today, Air Hangat Village is a trendy and welcoming complex. It’s a combination between a cultural park and a chic spa, featuring a multitude of amenities. Tourists are mainly attracted by the four tiny hot water pools filled with water that’s supposed to have healing proprieties. People from all over the globe come here to cure themselves and get rid of all sorts of diseases. Worldwide travelers who don’t seem to find out what to do in Malaysia are advised to check out the springs. They say you only need to soak your feet into the magic water and you’ll immediately feel refreshed and revitalized. The mural stone found near the springs is said to have regenerating proprieties too. This may be because hot water can hold a greater amount of solids that cold water.

Minerals in the water

A lot of people are wondering where to go in Malaysia and what to do in order to feel like a local. The hot water at Telaga Air Hangat features a high quantity of minerals in its composition and it’s an excellent place to check out if you’re fond of the natural habitat. It includes everything from calcium, radium and even lithium. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s so beneficial. Those who come to Air Hangat Village for the hot springs can also enjoy a reflexology service. This may aid sufferers get rid of the pain and feel rejuvenated. Inside the complex you will also find numerous souvenir shops and boutiques.


What to do in Langkawi to have a good time and refresh your body at the same time? Explore the wonders of Air Hangat Village and benefit from the variety of activities that they’ve prepared for tourists. For instance, the village regularly hosts cultural shows like Southeastern Asian and Malaysian dances, sports, and batik painting sessions, kickboxing, elephant performances and various other interesting activities. There’s a special duty-free shopping center, a lovely theatre and plenty of amazing restaurants that serve delicious Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes.

Last but not least, we cannot help but admit that there are amazing things to do in Malaysia, and visiting Air Hangat Village is definitely one of them. Guests are invited to attend the daily illustrations of batik painting and admire the local crafts. Wood carving is a popular practice in this village. Air Hangat Village is a fascinating place that offers countless entertainment opportunities meant to help you carve unforgettable memories.

Practical information

Positioned 14km away from Kuah Town, on Jalan Air Hangat, Langkawi, Air Hangat Village welcomes travelers with plenty of exciting activities. Operating every day from 9 AM to 6 PM, Air Hangat Village requires a RM 4 admission fee for adults, and a RM2 one for children.

Even though a one-hour experience in the Jacuzzi will cost you RM70, there are also numerous other entertainment possibilities you can enjoy for free such as Malaysian dances, kickboxing activities, and more.

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