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Langkawi Malaysia
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Tanjung Rhu: A Perfect Escape from Modern World

Warning, beach lovers contemplating travel to Malaysia: reading on might cause you to run to the nearest travel agent and book your ticket. Tanjung Rhu offers the quality of scenery that nature devotees dream about: fine, white sand; translucent water; and a Robinson Crusoe sense of isolation. Of Langkawi’s miles and miles of coastline, it’s undoubtedly some of the most beautiful. If you’re putting together some ideas regarding where to go in Langkawi, this place would be one to include!

The road to Tanjung Rhu is surrounded by the mystery of tropical jungle, teeming with native wildlife and verdant greenery. If you’re feeling hungry, you can stop at one of the few stalls scattered by the roadside that sell tasty local culinary delights. They’re very affordable and provide an opportunity for an authentically Malaysian dining experience. Apart from the stallholders, you aren’t likely to see anyone much – the area is more or less undeveloped, with the exception of a couple of expensive resorts.

Caves, crags and casuarinas

Tanjung Rhu’s exotic, fragile environment places the area high on the list of where to go in Langkawi. There’s not anywhere else like it on the island (or in the world, really!). The fauna is mainly casuarina trees, which sound lovely in the breeze; and stunning limestone crags add a beautiful dynamic to the landscape. Right next to the area lies a mangrove park of 1100 acres, which offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. A significant eagle population lives nearby – lucky visitors might see some of the magnificent birds soaring through the sky and swooping for prey. There’s no doubt that Tanjung Rhu is the perfect environment for travellers looking for places in Malaysia where they can enjoy relaxing activities – bird watching, lazing on the beach, taking picnics and losing oneself in unspoiled nature.

A deserted island

For those who prefer a little adventure to lying around, it’s possible to walk out to a deserted island, where you can definitely feel as though you are a million miles away from the twenty-first century. With more and more of the world’s most beautiful coastal areas drowning in development, the remote island experience is becoming increasingly rare.

The catch is that the island is only accessible on foot when the tide is low. If you’re contemplating taking the journey, it might be a good idea to consult tidal charts, so you don’t get caught out! Well, that’s unless you’re a keen swimmer or you fancy spending the night on a deserted island (which might depend a little on who’s sharing your tour in Malaysia with you).

High-end resorts

Many tourists choose Tanjung Rhu as part of their travel to Malaysia experience because they want to spend time in a high-end resort. The area has two on offer: the Tanjung Rhu Resort and the Four Seasons. The former has 136 rooms, with each offering a private, tranquil experience. There are three different options for dining available, and a choice of two gorgeous pools, both of which have been built to blend in with the natural environment. Ocean lovers can dip in the saltwater one, with its tropical feel and cascading waterfall. For those who prefer freshwater, the jungle-themed river pool might be more enjoyable.

The Four Seasons stretches along a one-and-a-half kilometre section of the beach. With gorgeous landscaping, and a Malaysian feel to the architecture, it’s been designed to merge seamlessly with its surroundings. Visitors stay in their own private pavilion, featuring wooden floors, commodious verandahs, high ceilings and a choice of tropical garden or ocean views. 

Both of these resorts are popular with couples looking for places in Malaysia to host a wedding or spend their honeymoon.

Practical Information

Located in the northeastern part of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu is accessible by road. Visiting the beach is free. It’s definitely worth a visit – somehow, a tour in Malaysia would seem incomplete without experiencing this breathtaking, untainted landscape.

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