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Langkawi Malaysia
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Sungai Kilim Nature Park - A Paradise Best Explored on a Canoe

Langkawi is a beautiful tourist destination best known for its unspoilt natural beauty. The sense of raw charm combined with the crystal clear waters of the beautiful beaches and lush green jungles make Langkawi a much sought after retreat. If you are looking for a relaxing day at a stunningly beautiful location during your holiday at Langkawi, it is time to head towards the Sungai Kilim Nature Park.

What to do in Langkawi

There are many things to do in Langkawi including outdoor activities such as snorkelling, diving and jungle trekking. Through the year, adventure enthusiasts can take pleasure in the pristine landscape of this stunningly beautiful place. 

Canoeing through the park is the best way to explore this beautiful landscape. Tourists are taken by canoe operators through the extensive mangrove forests. Travelling by the canoe, you can hop off near the caves and explore them by foot. This park is replete with vibrant flora and fauna and this fragile and beautiful ecosystem is best experienced travelling by canoe.

Sungai Kilim Nature Park

One of the most enchanting, beautiful protected mangrove forests is the Sungai Kilim Nature Park. This mangrove swamp is dotted with exciting blue lagoons and is a perfect haven for nature enthusiasts.

The park is located on the north eastern tip of Pulau Langkawi and is known for its spectacular limestone rock formations. These formations, some of them with unique names like the Hanging Gardens, the Elephant Stone and the Temple of Borobodur go all the way to the sea through the unique mangrove swamps from the river bed.

Spread over a total of 100 square kilometres, this park features a rich variety of naturally beautiful vegetation that extends up to the estuary from the river banks. Tourists canoeing through the park can find tree crabs, macaques, iguanas and overhanging bogak trees.

What to do in Sungai Kilim Nature Park - Landscape and wildlife

If you are planning a trip and wondering as to which places to visit in Malaysia, consider the Sungai Kilim Nature Park in Langkawi. From September to March each year, during the migratory season, Sungai Kilim Nature Park is home to a variety of birds, perfect for bird watching enthusiasts. The Bat cave called Gua Kelawar and the Cave of Legends known as Gua Cerita are worth exploring.

For those thinking about what to do in Langkawi, here is a suggestion. Exploring this park is best done on a canoe tour. The Kilim estuary is replete with the brackish mangrove that acts as a protection for the coastline preventing erosion. This estuary is also home to a plethora of marine life. Besides canoeing, riverboat rides take visitors through the mangroves giving them a glimpse of the spectacular shrimp larvae and fish winding their way through mangrove roots in a bid to protect themselves from predators and hunt for shelter and food.

Eagle Watching

This park is home to a number of eagles that include the gigantic sea eagles, brahminy kite and the white bellied fish eagle. Tourists enjoy watching eagles at the Sungai Banjar river estuary where these predators eagerly wait for food with eyes fixed on the boats.

On cue from the boat operators who turn up their engines to signal the birds after leaving some chicken gut on the water surfaces, flocks of eagles swoop down with great agility offering a spectacular sight.

Fish Farm 

Canoe ride also takes tourists to the Fish Farm. This thriving farm is another popular area where tourists enjoy viewing the rich aquatic life of Langkawi. The farm offers visitors a chance to have a close look at a variety of marine fishes such as Ornamental Fish, Sea Bass, Trevallys, Sting Rays, Mantis Prawns, Horse Shoe Crabs and Moray Eels.

You will be allowed to feed the fishes, especially the Sting Ray by hand at this fish breeding farm. There is a floating restaurant catering to visitors who can choose their preferred lunch or dinner directly from the cages. Talented chefs are highly proficient in cooking up delicious sea food.

For the adventurous wondering as to where to go in Malaysia for their holidays, exciting Langkawi is one of the best choices. Remember that Sungai Kilim Nature Park is a precious natural reserve. Enjoy the ambience and sights the park has to offer but leave the area clean and tidy, perfect for future visitors.

Practical Information

Before you head towards the Sungai Kilim Nature Park, it is a good idea booking a tour with one of the reputed tour operators. There are many operators offering exciting boat rides for around $50 USD per boat per hour.

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