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Mangrove Planting 2011
International Cleanup Day 2010
Beach Clean Up 2011

On 20 April 2011, 45 students and 5 teachers from Dalat International School Penang participated in a beach clean-up activity at Pulau Payar Marine Park. The activity was part of the school’s annual class trip for eighth graders before the students’ transition to high school. Langkawi Coral is proud to be involved in this annual programme as we always support education through participation in environment conservation.

There is an urgent need to educate the public on environment conservation to protect Mother Earth as the world today are now facing numerous environmental issues from global warming, deforestation, pollution, endangered ecosystems and species, to environmental degradation. The global warming is causing various environmental problems such as global temperature rise, coral bleaching, sea level rise, melting of snow and ice as well as climate change. All these problems are now greatly affecting all humans and living things on earth.
Realizing the importance to protect the earth from further damage, governments, various organizations, communities and individuals are now taking steps to reduce the impacts of human activities on the earth’s well-being. The most common initiatives being carried out to reduce human’s carbon footprint are reduce-reuse-recycle, carpooling and reducing the usage of electricity.

Here at Langkawi Coral, we support green tourism and we are always taking steps to help protect the earth. Initiatives such as the beach clean-up activity would help educate the students on environment conservation and what they can do on a daily basis to take care of the earth. Having experienced first-hand in marine conservation, the students are now equipped with the essential knowledge and awareness in environment conservation as well as having the confidence to disseminate this knowledge to their friends and families.

Langkawi Coral aims to create awareness in environment conservation among the public especially the younger generations. We believe by educating them on the importance of environment conservation would bring about a more aware and caring generation who can make a difference in today’s society.    


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