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Mangrove Planting 2013
Dive Against Debris 2012
Beach Clean-up 2013

Small actions accrue big changes. On the 25th of April 2013, 44 students and four teachers from Dalat International School worked hand in hand with Langkawi Coral to clean up Pulau Payar Marine Park. Armed with nothing but the will to safeguard Mother Nature, our youngsters have done well in keeping the spirit of our annual Beach Clean Up going for the fourth year in a row.

Many do not realize the harm of a simple act of littering. To one person, it’s a mere tin can thrown to the side for the sake of convenience. Think beyond ourselves, and we would realize that our actions accumulate. Besides being an absolute eyesore to those who visit our beaches, mere litter has the potential to disturb our fragile ecosystems and cause marine contamination. In certain cases, professional divers are called upon to collect garbage as low as the seabed. It’s risky, and there has to be better way to go about cleaning our environment.

Thankfully, with the help of a few environmentally-aware youth, we managed to restore Pulau Payar Marine Park to her natural beauty, even if for just a day. Students and teachers alike banded together to collect litter that had been strewn across the beach. From tin cans to dead leaves, no piece of litter was left untouched by this determined group.

More importantly, the youth that took part in this activity received an education beyond what they could find their textbook: They got a firsthand experience in taking care of the environment. They learnt the importance of preserving our natural wonders in their pristine state, as well as the need to reduce the harmful effects of ever-prevalent pollution. Learning is often a boring thing for many students, but with this hands-on approach, many students showed sincere interest in safeguarding our environment.

Langkawi Coral has always stuck true to its corporate vision of promoting green tourism. Activities such as our Beach Cleanup are part and parcel of our dedication to not only conserve the environment, but promote awareness so that others can follow suit. These projects are an excellent way to expose ourselves to nature and spark realization of mankind’s detrimental actions towards the environment. Nature is a fragile balance, and if no party is willing to tip the scales to nature’s side, the environment we take for granted may soon vanish.

We believe that a small change in thinking can make a huge long term difference in environmental conservation among the public, especially the younger generations. We hope that projects such as ours, as small as they are, can spur that change in thinking.

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