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Coral Watch
The Green Fins

The "Green Fins" programme was initiated in 2004 by the East Asian Seas Regional Coordinating Unit(EAS/RCU), the secretariat of the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia(COBSEA) - located in Bangkok, Thailand. The overall objective of the "Green Fins" programme is to establish a network of environmentally-friendly dive operators through which snorkelers, diving enthusiasts and dive operators can participate in conservation, monitoring, and management of coral reefs by fostering the adoption and practice of environmentally-friendly snorkeling and diving in protecting the coral reefs. The programme awards certificates to dive operators who carry out their operations using a set of environmentally-friendly guidelines.

The project is being launched in Malaysia in year 2008. In Malaysia, Department of Marine Park malaysia, NRE is responsible for expanding the network in Malaysia and to produce educational and public awareness materials and certificates.

The expected outcomes of implementation of Green Fins Programme are:-
1. Increased awareness of good snorkeling and diving practices.
2. Increased protective measures for coral reefs.
3. Increased coral reef data and information at the selected sites.
4. Improved coral reef health.

Langkawi Coral is the first pioneer member to Green Fins Malaysia on 21st February 2009 witnessed by the Director General of Department of Marine Park Malaysia and Network Leader for Green Fins Malaysia.

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