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P. Ramlee House-the Home of Malaysia’s most famous movie stars

Most people wonder where to go in Malaysia, without being aware of the fact that this country offers a plethora of wonderful tourist destinations. P. Ramlee is a Malaysian movie star. He was born in Caunter Hall, Penang, in his grandmother’s house. Therefore, the residence found nearby the Caunter Hall Road was named on the 30th of August 1983 after its famous resident. The P. Ramlee House is a modest Malaysian kampung that nobody would have noticed if it wasn’t for the fact that the country’s most popular entertainer was born there.

The memorial house

The house was destroyed by time and the new construction it’s a very close replica to P. Ramlee’s original residence. Ramlee spent most of his life with his parents in Kampung Jawa, at the City Council quarters. Being one of the most famous Malay people, it’s no wonder why his house is listed among the most beautiful places to visit in Malaysia.

The replica was built and opened by the Malaysian Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism and on the 13th of December 1991. In the proximity of the house there’s the memorial P. Ramlee Gallery, which is located within the Pustaka Warisan Seni Complex. The gallery was opened in 2000 and it exhibits P. Ramlee’s personal photos, artifacts, movies and some of his belongings. It is open every day and can be visited for free. All these benefits are enough to attract tourists from all over the world, most of them aware that there are plenty of things to do in Malaysia.


P. Ramlee was born on the 22nd of March 1929, on the first day of the popular Eid festival. His father was a sailor from Aceh who married late in life. Ramlee attended the Kampung Jawa Malay School and the Sekolah Francis primary school. He went to the well-known Penang Free School for secondary education until the World War started. Throughout the years of Japanese occupation in Malaysia, Ramlee continued studying at the Japanese Navy Academy. Once the war was over, he finalized his education at the Penang Free School and he exceled in sports. If you happen to be visiting this area, you should no longer wonder what to do in Penang.

In 1947 he won the first place in a famous song contest organized regularly by Penang Radio. Seven years later, his career started and P. Ramlee directed his firm film called Penarek Becha. Then, in 1957 he appeared in several comic movies and had a huge success. The productions are still very popular today, being the favorite of Malay film fans. During his career he acted and directed 66 films and recorded over 360 beautiful songs. Your list of things to do in Penang should definitely include watching at least a few movies of this famous actor.

Ramlee traveled often to Kuala Lumpur and spend a long period of time in Singapore with the Shaw Brothers. His last movie was filmed in 1973 and was called Laksamana Do Re Mi. His last song was Mai Mata di Kuala Lumpur, meaning Tears in Kuala Lumpur and was recorded during the same year. Also, Ramlee was married three times. His last wife and the love of his life was Saloma, a very famous singer.
Ramlee died on the 29th of May 1973 of a heart attack. In 1990 he was posthumously offered the Panglima Setia Kota award, which is commonly referred to as Tan Sri. He was awarded the title Great Artiste during the same year. Tourists who are wondering what do to in Malaysia are advised not to skip this memorial house because its beauty will make them feel as if they were characters in one of the greatest movies ever.

Practical information

The P. Ramlee memorial house is a place that you must visit in order to understand the Malaysian culture. To get there you will need to take a bus from the Caunter Hall Road and it will bring you to the destination. Keep in mind that this is a place really worth visiting as it offers a unique Malaysian insight.

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