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25. How long is one way journey?
• Marine Park:  2 hours ferry journey from Penang and 1 hour ferry journey from Langkawi.
• National Park: 3 hours ferry journey.
• Coach pick-up: 1 hour point-to-point.
26. Do you provide vegetarian food?
• Our set lunch is based on a fixed menu unless an individual pre-request for his own vegetarian food.
27. Is diving equipment and snorkeling gears provided?
• Snorkeling gears, diving equipment, life jackets, fresh water, changing rooms and wash rooms are provided on the reef platform.
• We do not provide wet suit, hand gloves and booties for divers.
28. Do you sell drinks on board reef platform?
• We sell mineral water, soft drink and beers on the reef platform but not on the ferry.
29. Do I get a refund for my activity that is not used?
• The activity in tour services that is not been used will not be refunded.
30. Can I request for a specific seat?
• We operate a single class and free seating policy.
31. Do you provide locker on the reef platform?
There is no locker provided instead you need to keep personal things in your bag.
32. What can I contribute to environment conservation?
• Collection of coral and aquatic life from the marine park, and flora and fauna from the national park is strictly not allowed.
• Never stand on the coral and do not use shampoo or soap in the marine park.
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